Lopec Auto SparesSpecialising in Opel Spares, Chevrolet Spares & Isuzu Spare Parts

Lopec Auto Spares specializes in providing quality genuine used Opel spares, Chev spares and Isuzu spare parts, as well as non-genuine new Opel, Chev and Isuzu spare parts and accessories at affordable prices.

Our well stocked spare auto parts yard is easily accessible from anywhere in Gauteng.

Our understanding of Opel parts, Chev parts and Isuzu parts and accessories is unrivalled. Give us a call today to discuss what Opel, Chev and Isuzu spare parts you require.

We can deliver auto parts within Gauteng as well as arrange delivery anywhere within Southern Africa.

About Lopec Auto Spares

Our auto parts and spares are stored undercover in our warehouse, and we currently stock auto spares for the following models: Opel Kadett, Opel Astra, Opel Corsa and Corsa Utlility, Opel Meriva, Opel Zafira, Chev Spark, Chev Aveo, Chev Utility, Chev Optra, Chev Captiva, Chev Cruze and Chev Trailblazer, Isuzu KB models, KB double cab, single cab and extended cabs.

We stock stripped down GM's Opel Kadett, Opel Corsa, Corsa Utility and Opel Astra ranging from 1983 through to 2016 as well as the newer models of Chev Spark, Chev Aveo, Chev Utility, Chev Optra and Chev Cruze from 2002 through to 2016.

If you would like to know more about which model and year vehicle we have spare parts for, check out our stock page here.

So if you're looking for Opel spare parts, Chev spare parts or Isuzu spare parts, give our friendly staff a call on 011 894 1322, 011 894 5987 or 011 894 1704 or drop us an email at or Whatsapp us on 082 727 2882 and we'll get back to you! Also post a request here and we'll get back to you.

Type of Opel spares, Chev spares, and Isuzu spares we stock:

The kind Opel and Chev engines, engine parts, dashboards, seats, seatbelts, windows, hubs, interior parts and panels, bumpers, body panels, window mechanisms, lock mechanisms, windshields, electrical harnesses, computers, brakes and calipers, lights, indicators, starter motors, alternators, radiators, wiring, piping, reservoirs, shocks, gas struts, suspension, axles, air conditioning units and piping, door handles, plus much more.

011 894 1322 / 011 894 5987 / 011 894 1704
082 727 2882
Our auto spares are located at
Dormehl Road, Anderbolt, Boksburg
(leading off of Top Road)

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